The general community long adopted a misconception that eating disorders are mere forms of attention seeking that can be “rectified” through reasoning , leacturing, punishing or bribing. Unfortunately, this has been proven utterly wrong time and again, as these methods usually make matters worse. Eating disorders are serious medical problems and must be treated as such in a professional way.

Anorexia & Bulimia: Pleas, not ploys.

Authortities of the medical field have classified anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa as emotional illnesses with the obsessions with food, weight and body image to be their physical symptoms. Rabbi Dovid Dewick, hearing the silent cries of sufferers within the frum community, embarked on a mission to save lives. And so, in 2003, he founded the Magen Avrohom organization under the guidance and directive of the Amshinover Rebbe.

Magen Avrohom has since become the first address for individuals and families with eating disorder troubles.The biggest contributor to true recovery is an unshakable support system. It is therefore imperative that families learn how to behave towards their distressed member: what to say, what not to say, and how to act around them on a daily basis. Magen Avrohom offers a comprehensive range of services to address the environmental, social, familial, medical, psychological and educational needs of eating disorder patients.

The sad reality is that there is no quick route; the healing process is a gradual and incremental one. The very First barrier to break is the one that holds so many back from seeking help at all. It is Rabbi Dewick, with his sensible approach to the issue, who has helped so many overcome their hesitancy to trust outsiders and professionals.

Our programs are structured to gently lift sufferers from the throes of their disorders and into the life they once had. Every step we take is held in strict confidentiality and accompanied by the input of medical experts. And although Magen Avrohom must take a stand to shield those who self-harm from their own selves, every aspect of what we do reflects a respect for the patients, their families and their situation.

More than 800 lives saved and improved. That says a mouthful.